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JSC Ruscoal. 10 Turkmeniskaya street. Moscow, Moscow. Our company is a direct mandate to end seller companies that produce and sell all types of Coal in Russian Federation. availiable products for are: Steam Coal, Anthracite Coking Lean Coal. We supply CIF, FOB. ... Steam Coal, Anthracite Coal, Coking Coal, Lean Coal.

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2019-1-24 · Coal reserves in the Russian Federation are estimated at 1.1 trillion tons, which are located in 22 coal basins and 129 separate deposits, meanwhile coal mining is carried out in 25 regions of the Russian Federation and about 150 thousand people are occupied in the coal mining …

Russia''s Shakhtersk port coal shipments hit new record in …

2021-8-12 · In addition, Easter Mining carried out a record one-time shipment of coal in Russia, at 188,119 tonnes in April. The rise of coal shipments came after years of efforts to increase the port''s capacity, including installing two shiploaders at the berth, adding its warehouse capacity to 3.3 million tonnes, and increasing two new self-propelled ...

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Issue 10: Russian coal mine continues to set production records: Credit given to skilled team and new high-performance machines. On Jan. 12, 2013, Russia''s Tugnuysky coal mine delivered its 100 millionth tonne (111 millionth ton) of coal — adding another chapter to the history of this nearly 30-year-old site and setting yet another record for the Russian coal mining industry.

Coal Mining Industry of Russia: Problems and Prospects

Russian coal mining, in spite of some serious problems, continues to evolve and modernize (Getmanova, 2008; Sachsenhofer et al., 2012). We believe that the prevention of ethnic and social conflicts in the coal industry (Zamaletdinov


2014-12-18 · The mine will reach a capacity of 2.5 mln tonnes of coal per year in 2014. 1.2 mln tonnes of coal was produced in 2013. (Kemerovo Region, Koks-Mining) launched in July 2013. Reserves at the mine amount to 45 mln tonnes, which is enough for 30 years of operations. The design capacity of the mine is 1.5 mln tonnes of coking

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2013-1-1 · Coal mining in Kuzbass should increase to 200–205 Mt in 2020, and in KAB up to 90–115 Mt, accounting for 75–80% of all coal mined in Russia. According to the ES-2030 and LTPDCI-2030 Programmes ( Medyanik, 2011, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, 2010a ), Russia''s eastern coal regions will increase their role in coal production.

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2020-4-8 · Top Coal Mining Companies In 2012, almost all coal companies in Russia reported growth of mining volume. In particular, Siberian Coal Energy Co. (SUEK), Russia''s largest producer of coal, that is currently occupying more than 25% of the market in 2012, increased the level of mining by 6% compared to 2011—to 97.5 million mt, the company said.

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2020-8-5 · Russia coal exports to Europe are slowly drying up, but a heavy focus on growth markets in Asia could save the fate of some of Russia''s largest coal export projects

Russia: Solntsevsky Coal Mine, Sakhalin

2020-9-29 · The Solntsevsky coal mine is an open-pit coal mining operation by East Mining Company (EMCO) in the Sakhalin region of Russia. Although experimental mining in the Uglegorsk region was started in 1983, the Solntevsky coal mine became the first open-cast mine to commence commercial operations in the Sakhalin mining region in 1987.

Russian Mine Practices

2020-12-13 · mining workings of Russia''s coal mines • Mainly, a downstream ventilation method is used on coal mines: – Fresh air is supplied into mine''s workings through a ventilation shaft, employing a reversible fan (e.g. VSD- 3.3) with the estimated flow rate up to 20,000 m 3 /min. – The mine has an integrated ventilation system with a flank,

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The problems arisen in open coal mining by the early 1990s are considered. The structure of productive capacity arrangement, relations between the reserves and the intensity of their mining, quality of produced coals, as well as resource-intensity and replacement of technological machine stock are studied.


The Elga Coal Complex (ECC) is a group of companies that extract, transport and sale high-quality coking coals. Withing the Woodmac classification system (based on volatile matter, rank and strength), the Elga brands would be classified as semi hard coking coals (in Russian coal classification: fat goal (Zh), gas fat (GZh) and gas fat lean (GZHO).

Borodinsky coal mine

2021-9-5 · Borodinsky coal mine is an opencast coal mine, operated by SUEK, producing 22 million tonnes per annum, next to the village of Borodino, in the Rybinsk district of the Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.. The company plans to expand production to 26 million tonnes at the end of 2020. It is the largest surface mine in Russia.

Coal Mining Sector Russia

2014-9-4 · Coal mining is carried out in 121 open-pit and 85 underground mines with a total annual production capacity of about 383 million tonnes. Coal in Russia is currently mined primarily by open-pit mining (65%) due to its relatively lower production costs. The 2012, coal output amounted to 353 million tonnes, up by 4.7% on the year.

Anthracite Coal company list in Russia(Russian Federation)

JSC Ruscoal. 10 Turkmeniskaya street. Moscow, Moscow. Our company is a direct mandate to end seller companies that produce and sell all types of Coal in Russian Federation. availiable products for are: Steam Coal, Anthracite Coking Lean Coal. We supply CIF, FOB. ... Steam Coal, Anthracite Coal, Coking Coal, Lean Coal.

Coal mines

Kirova mine has its own washing plant with 2 units, having total washing capacity 6 MT per annum. Komsomolets Mine. The annual production is about 2.5 MT of high volatile coal, about 1.5 MT of which are exported (both semi-soft and steam coal). Komsololets mine has its own washing plant with annual capacity of 2.5 MT per annum. Polysaevskaya Mine

Mezhdurechensk site

2021-4-13 · Raspadskaya mine is Raspadskaya Coal Company''s flagship in the production of high-quality GZh-grade coking coal. The history of the mine dates back to 28 December 1973, the day on which the mine brought its first coal to the surface. Raspadskaya mine has a design capacity of 7.5 mtpa. Today, mining operations take place at a depth of 600 ...

Coal Mine Proposals 2021

2021-5-27 · Figure 1: Coal mining capacity under development (mtpa) 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 Pre Construction Construction Russia Australia Rest of the World India China Source: Global Coal Mine Tracker, Global Energy Monitor, January 2021

Russia: Elga Coal Complex

2020-4-24 · Russia: Elga Coal Complex. The Elga coal complex located in south-eastern Yakutia is Russia''s biggest and one of the world''s biggest deposits of high-quality coking coal. Owned and operated by Elgaugol, a subsidiary of the Russian mining and steel company Mechel Group, the open-cut coal mining complex commenced operations in August 2011.

Russian Coal Stepnoy operation sees ...

2019-8-20 · The mine comprises seven coal seams and uses 130- and 55-t BELAZ dump trucks as process vehicles. The pit has a capacity of 4.5 Mt of coal per year. Russian Coal was founded in 2002. Its production assets are located in three regions of Russia: Amur Region, the Republic of Khakassia and Krasnodar Territory.

Russia opens its largest coal mine

2015-2-23 · Russia opens its largest coal mine. Unloading coal at the port of Nakhodka, Russia. Russia''s largest coal mine has officially opened in the Khakassia Republic in southern Siberia with the new ...

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Сlean coal technologies; The potential for exports of thermal coal via Azov and Black Sea ports; The development of the Russian coal industry and how to recoup investment in new projects. The development strategy of the Russian coal industry to 2035 — a new perspective; Prospects for mining and processing capacity expansion

World Largest Dumptruck At the Huge Coal Mine

2013-5-12 · The biggest among all dumptrucks is BelAZ-75600, its capacity is 320 tons, full mass – 500 tons! In the former countries of the USSR it''s the biggest truck. Bachatsky coal mine is located in the city of Belovo of the Kemerovo region. Its area is 10×2 km and its depth is 300 m. The mine …

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The mine "Stepnoy" produces D-rank coal and has 7 coal seams within its boundaries. At "Stepnoy" combined development system is applied. In mining operations the following machinery is used: dragline excavators with a bucket capacity of 10 to 20 m3 shovels with a bucket capacity of 5 to 15 m3, hydraulic excavator HITACHI EX-1900 with a ...

Heilongjiang promotes coal mine capacity expansion in ...

2021-9-6 · Production capacity of Heihe Xingbian Mining Co., Ltd. was proposed to expand from currently 0.6 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) to 0.9 Mtpa, and that of Jinsanjiao Coal Mine was proposed to increase to 0.45 Mtpa from previous 0.3 Mtpa. The move may ease local supply pressure, especially in winter restocking season, after new capacity is added.